What is INFENSO Network Manager

INFENSO NETWORK MANAGER is the world’s most advanced hotspot solution for
User Management, Advertising, Surveys, Content Injection, Mobile Wi-Fi and GPS Tracking.

INM is the all-in-one solution that makes it possible to manage all your hotspot networks in one place.

Admin interface is the simple, powerful way to analyse and manage data on your INFENSO-NM. It’s easy to set up and give a quick overview of your entire network

Some of the most important features

Functions you love

Social login

Social application is what your HotSpot differs from others.

Feature that people prefer

We have developed a robust structure that enables its users to connect to the Internet through their favorite social networks. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google)

SMS and email notifications

INFENSO-NM is sending e-mail and SMS notification unbelievably simple and fun.

Inform your customers

Enter your custom text in pre-installed templates and you are ready to send custom notifications via email and SMS.


Enrich your job by advertising on different devices wherever people are using your Wi-Fi network.

Promote your business on the devices that people use every day

Get dramatic ads users across the entire page and a number of effective ad formats enhanced with INFENSO-NM technology.

Welcome Portal

Apps are the future of Welcome Portal. Think about it.

An experience you’ve never experienced

With INFENSO-NM and its powerful welcome portal, developers create applications and experiences that will change what you expect from your hotspot.


Make surveys, quizzes, and tests in a moment. Learn the answers.

Brand your quizzes and tests for your customers.

Whether you are testing customer satisfaction or launching a new product, surveys help you make quick and smart decisions.


Deliver your content to your users, encourage them to come back to you.

You have full content control.

Customized content such as ads, news, warnings, and information can be scheduled to appear on any device at any time.

Get to know your customers

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Obogatite svoj posao oglašavanjem na različitim uređajima, gdje god ljudi koriste vašu Wi-Fi mrežu.

An ideal context for marketers, ads in Welcome Portal reach people while they’re exploring the topics they’re passionate about. Captivate users with dramatic full page ads and a range of impactful ad formats that are enhanced by INFENSO-NM technology.

Implement a broad range of ad options to maximize your earning potential, including multiple banners, full screen interstitials and video into different campaigns that run seamlessly.

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Targeting users

With Targeting users technology you can deliver your content to all internet connected devices, be it laptops, tablets or mobile devices, on any browser without requiring any client software.

  • Collaborations with Ad agencies that want to promote products, deals through the hotspot service.

  • Gain visibility: promote and spread your brand via social media by enabling visitors to log in with social accounts.

  • Collect customer data and create your database to promote opportunities, deals, sales, etc.

  • Incentives for free Ad-sponsored service and incomes for all the subjects involved in the system.

  • Complete definition of the Ad campaign (content, frequency and type of domain and gateway, budget to invest).

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